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Getting A Start

When first learning to ski, definitely plan to start out with a lesson from a professional ski instructor. You will get a proper start and get better faster from a professional with experience in both skiing and teaching. They are familiar with different learning styles as well as appropriate teaching methods. The better prepared you are the more the instructor will be able to help you. You should arrive at the lesson ready to learn.

Arrive for your lesson a few minutes early. This will allow you and your instructor to get to know each other. The instructor will ask you questions about yourself and your background. At this time the instructor is assessing your learning style. Think about how you learn best, thinking, watching, doing. If you know which learning style works best for you let the instructor know. You will learn faster if the instructor can relate new information to something you already know or understand. Let them know what other sports or activities you do or have done in the past.

Make sure your personal needs are taken care of before your lesson. Dress in warm layers with a water resistant outer layer. Good gloves are essential. Eat a good breakfast or lunch. If you are tired from the drive up the mountain, rest up before the lesson.

Be familiar with your equipment before you start. Know how your bindings work. You may even want to practice stepping in and out of your skis. Know what all those buckles, snaps and adjustments on your boots do. It is critical your boots should be comfortably snug but not too tight. An ill-fitting pair of boots will ruin your day. Practice walking in them and make sure you are comfortable.

You're gonna fall -- But it will be fun and you'll have a great time!

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